Parler, the social media haven for conservatives, sees a rebrand which uses a tech services-based model, with an overarching goal of powering the ‘uncancelable future.’ It is as worrying as it sounds. 

Having announced a major restructuring, the company will now operate under the name Parlement Technologies, and will operate a portfolio of diverse technologies and platforms. So rather than present as a ‘free speech’ social media platform, it stands as a technology firm for ‘business’. 

A primary goal of the restructuring is to build a range of service offerings for online businesses at risk of censorship on other platforms, due to controversial content. The vision of the new direction centres on a mission to create “the world’s premier free speech technology infrastructure and platform,” according to a statement from the company.

To accelerate the transition, Parlement Technologies has acquired private web hosting and cloud infrastructure company Dynascale. Dynascale’s technology will be used to power Parler, the company’s social media branch, as well as the organisation’s new infrastructure division.

The announcement comes as the company closes a Series B funding round with $16m. The new capital will be used to build the new technology required to power Parlement Technologies’ vision.

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