Paris Hilton proclaims herself as “Queen of the Metaverse” – this makes us even more obsessed with her tbh. She believes in using her blonde superpower to act as a “bridge for brands to be able to come into the metaverse because it’s obviously such a new world for so many brands and they don’t know how to come in.” 

Slivingland (told you, we’re obsessed) is the latest in Hilton’s steps to do so. Slivingland is Paris’ latest Roblox world which launched last week with the goal of shifting how brands view activating in the metaverse as well as being the intersection for the hottest topics in marketing: fandom, emerging technology and the creator economy. Slivingland will host Hilton’s media empire while also offering real estate to brands. It acts as a home for content and products created by Hilton and her media company, 11:11 Media.

Visually, it melds Hilton’s unique brand of all things pink, bedazzled, veloured, flip-phoned and electronica into a neon-lit cityscape. Users can visit venues that host the creator’s music, podcasts and shows, as well as games, events and product drops such as digital pets and a limited line of 2000s fashion to celebrate Slivingland’s launch.

Slivingland will sell marketers real estate and naming rights for everything from streets and alleyways to customizable billboards and buildings. Brands will also be able to hold events in Slivingland. 

Amidst a year of declining popularity surrounding all things Web3, for brands that don’t have the resources or know-how to construct elaborate platforms, metaverse worlds such as Slivingland can serve as a stepping stone in interfacing with Gen Z consumers. Todd Lichten, head of entertainment partnerships at Roblox, said the platform’s young community of 66 million active users presents an opportunity to grab awareness with desirable audiences, but also greater opportunities for commerce and sales for those willing to stick around and mature alongside players.

The merging of media and tech is critical to Slivingland, said Krystal Hauserman, chief marketing officer of 11:11 Media. The marketer said Slivingland’s longevity lies in Hilton’s enthusiasm to innovate distribution models alongside fans. For example, Hauserman said, instead of listening to one of Hilton’s podcasts in the car, “having fans from around the world for a special curated listening party, getting to sit alongside Paris listening to a new podcast, getting to participate and be part of her next music video—we are blending traditional ways [of engagement]. That’s the pivot—it’s the consumption of media where we’re innovating.”

I want to end this article with an iconically Paris Hilton quote. Having jumped on the metaverse in 2015 with digital wearables, Hilton said her cultural clairvoyance was something she was born with. “Also, the ADHD helps with that, and being an Aquarius,” said Hilton. “I’m just like a naturally creative person.” She also credits her enthusiasm for research and being “a student of the game” when it comes to tech and innovation, and can lend the power of her 70 million social followers. Obsessed.

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