Our Favourite Christmas Ads So Far!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, rather early this year, and we’re not mad at it! Last Christmas (we won’t be quoting any more Christmas songs, don’t worry) practically didn’t exist so this year has got us extra excited. 

While adverts are usually an opportunity to put the kettle on mid bake-off, these ads have been catching our eye.


Boots is offering two different options for the No7 Advent Calendar this year and we’re excited. Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman stars as the protagonist who receives a Mary Poppins-esque bottomless bag from her grandma stuffed with everything from hair, to beauty, to skincare, to electronics, to pushchairs. The ad also follows Coleman’s relationships with her friends and her family heritage. 


Ebanana Scrooge – yes, an animated baby banana scrooge character – sits centre stage of this commercial as he gets grumpy after his mince pie has been eaten. Simple yet adorable. 


Debenhams is one of the only brands to mention the elephant in the room this Christmas – the pandemic. Mentioned in an implicit way, a little girl making reference to the milestones she’s missed.

The whole theme is making up for the terrible times experienced and last year’s festive celebrations which many families spent apart.

Peter Duggan, the head of creative at Debenhams explained, “It’s a very simple message really; kids have lost out on hugely important life moments that they can never get back, so make sure this Christmas is one they won’t ever forget.”


Celebrating the beauty of tradition and its weaving with evolution, Lidl’s hilarious Christmas advert begins in the present and then jets off to the future, showing that although many things progress and change, some things never change. 

So although dad might be carving the turkey with a futuristic laser knife, the same jokes, conversations, and banter will be had. Most importantly, Lidl will still be bringing their top-notch quality products at a reasonable price.

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