Our content creator starter pack: Softwares for your creative needs

Short form content is taking over the world and freelance entrepreneurs and small business owners alike are feeling the increasing pressure to produce top quality content as a way to engage consumers. It can often feel tricky, knowing where to start. Simply downloading TikTok and Instagram isn’t enough and there are many softwares and apps that make content creation – and its organisation – all the more easy. 

Here are our top picks; our content creator starter pack if you will, for apps and softwares that enable high quality content creation and fantastic scheduling so that your engagement can soar through the roof.  

Our favourite video editor is InShot. Totally free, it boasts an array of typefaces and colours which will make your content stand out on social media. You can also import songs and sounds from other videos onto new content which makes for top quality audio. I would even argue that editing on InShot is easier than editing on TikTok itself and you can still feature all the necessary filters. Algorithmic and trends predictors are estimating that in the near future, trending sounds will phase out and instead, informative, unique videos will be all the rage and InShot’s multiple editing features will favour this. 

Epidemic Sound
A restriction free music tool providing you unlimited access to their catalog of music and sound effects that can be used for videos, streams and podcasts. If you’re using mediums such as YouTube, TikTok , podcasts, advertising or even social media, accessing listening rights can be a bit of a blocker. Consider tools like Epidemic Sound to ease the burden of content management as a quick fix! 

Similar to Linktree but more customisable, Beacons is a place for all of your URLs which people can click on via your social bios. It also enables creators to add animations to their page and personalise it with their creativity. For content creators this has great potential to lead to more work. 

A simpler version of Autodeck’s Revit, SketchUp is a premier 3D design software that truly makes 3D modelling for everyone. Way to make your content unique and interactive!

Flodesk enables you to design your own emails and work from a range of templates. There is a locked in price which doesn’t increase as your audience grows so your mailing list could be in the hundreds of thousands and still you wouldn’t need to pay more. High email marketing expenses? No thanks!

From our sponsor
If there’s anything social media has taught us it’s that sound matters! Great sound makes for great content, rising engagement and building community. Epidemic Sound delivers its Personal Plan to content creators and freelancers like us so that we have access to a plethora of killer restriction free tunes and sounds for any type of content. 
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