If you’re looking to mint an NFT collection but simply don’t have the funds and/or knowledge to finance and drive a project, there are a handful of platforms available willing to support artists in the web3 space. Here is a quick debrief on some of the help out there. 

Ape In Records

Ape in Records is a crypto project on a mission to empower the next generation of music talent. Each week they host an open mic Twitter space at around 11pm UK time (6pm EST) where a handful of artists share new music. The space usually lasts a couple of hours and enables artists to connect from all over the world. Out of all the artists who perform, one or two are selected to win 0.5ETh in funding – this sits currently at about £1200. Hosted by Rep Ryan and Cashius K, the space is a safe space for artists to ask for feedback on demos and new work and is truly on of the most community building platforms out there in the web3 world for creatives. 


Similarly to Ape in Records, MusicFund is the NFT community that funds up-and-coming artists with ETH to support their careers. Their mission is to push for artists in Web3 so whether you’re fluent in crypto or have no idea how to even mint an NFT, you’re free to apply for funding as long as you demonstrate a desire to enrich the web3 creative space in general. For MusicFund, enthusiasm, authenticity and communication are the three pillars of a great web3 artist.  


Less so a funding source for artists and more a sense of support for those launching their first NFT projects, Reveel allows web3 artists access to their creator sales analytics and collector insights and lists. They’re a great platform to know pre drop as they help to widen the potential client base of your mint. Furthermore, their Revenue Share Protocol enables better collaborations between forward thinking innovators in web3. Reveel is totally free and in terms of distribution shares they take 1% or less – now that’s a good deal. 


DCentralise is the first ever hybrid metaverse-real life music festival taking place in August of next year. They have just started scouting for their artist lineup so get connected! 

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