Organisation is more than just spreadsheets, slideshows and documents. Organisation is mental as well as literal and being organised as an independent artist and/or creative entrepreneur is crucial for several reasons. 

Organisational and productivity tools for creative freelancers entrepreneurs

  • Organisation allows you to reach your goals because you can see what is in sight and then, once it’s achieved, where to go from there
  • Organisation enhances your ability to focus on what you’re currently creating ensuring quality over quantity in your creative process
  • Organisation sets a a rhythm of producing that feels good and your focus is at its peak
  • Being organised helps keep things in perspective and thus reduces mental clutter
In that vein, Wishu has put together a list of organisational tools to help you curate and tick off those to-do lists and make those dreams come true!
  1. Asana
    The most intricate of to-do lists. Asana also allows for to-do lists to be repetitive, for example if you have to post a playlist every Tuesday to your socials, once you tick off this Tuesday, Asana will also remind you next Tuesday. Tasks can also be categorised and lists shared with colleagues. 
  2. Trello
    Essentially, Trello is a digital blackboard. What this means it that not only can you overview your tasks for the day but also the week and even the month which means you can stack tasks. 
  3. G Suite
    The umbrella for docs, sheets and slides which can be shared, edited, viewed and commented on by others. An essential. 
  4. Paper Diaries
    There’s no school like the old school. Sometimes you just can’t beat pen to paper and coloured dividers. 
  5. Notes App
    Another classic that goes with you everywhere you do. It offers several forms of documents. 
  6. Freedom
    An app that minimises distractions so that you can stay organised.  
  7. FreshBooks
    An accounting software for small businesses that helps with your invoicing needs. 
  8. Slack
    The infamous conversation platform. Slack allows you to create different channels depending on topics or needs and always have access to what was discussed. 
  9. Any.Do
    If you are the type of person who gets so busy that you can easily forget to get some daily chores done, then is a great tool for you without a doubt. The app provides a to-do list, notes, and reminders to keep you conscious of everything that needs to be done. Lists can also be shared. 
  10. Cloze
    Sometimes, it gets incredibly difficult to keep track of all your business contacts. This is where Cloze comes in. The app provides an all-in-one network of your contacts, while providing social network capabilities and an email command center. Cloze syncs all the details about your contacts from social networks and your email, so you always stay up to date with these people.
  11. Memento
    Memento provides a choice between a traditional view of your upcoming tasks, as well as a grid look that is much more aesthetically pleasing. 
  12. Just Press Record
    Great for dyslexics and audial learners alike – Just Press Record is a versatile recording app that comes with features such as transcription. 
  13. 24me
    A little virtual assistant, 24me provides smart notifications such as a reminder for events and tasks that you have for the next day, the right time to get on the road for your next meeting (based on the prevalent traffic conditions), and even weather alerts.
  14. Pocket
    Pocket is an awesome offline reading tool that allows you to select and save articles, videos, and pictures and to view them later. Great for the tube! 
  15. Franz
    With Franz, you can centralize all different instant messages channels including Whatsapp, Facebook message, Skype, Telegram and many more in one place.

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