Creators share what they are most excited about and what challenges they may face in the future:


  • Casper, Greater potential for monetisation and building deeper and long-lasting relationships. 
  • Jim, Snapchat: Content creators are moving beyond simply working with brands and evolving their businesses by adding numerous revenue streams. As a result, platforms are moving fast to build an increasingly multifaceted offering of opportunities. In turn, creators are leveraging these new tools to connect directly with fans and build their own communities. A byproduct of this is the emergence of various content formats – both long and short-form video; spontaneous moments captured with the camera; performative content; interactive events, or vlog-style, and creators are even making their own AR.
  • Max, Creator: Lower barriers to entry. New technologies are just breaking down the barriers to entry which can only be an exciting thing. To build a huge YouTube channel now, you can do it from your smartphone. It’s a cliched thing to say but it is 100% true. This same technology makes content creation a very meritocratic system and that is exciting for everybody.


  • Blake, Creator: Adoption hurdle. Web3 is something some creators are aware of, but few know exactly where and how to take action and what it actually means for them.
  • Bremner, A long way to go for the middle class of creators. The top echelon of creators is earning the majority of the revenue generated in the creator economy. However, as platforms improve discovery and creators become more accustomed to owning their financial relationships with fans, the middle class of creators are set to be rewarded as well.
  • Jade, Creator: Creator burnout. Finding the balance of producing really good content that we love and making an income is really hard as we need to pay the bills. This sometimes leads to creators working insanely hard for not a huge amount of upside – it is important we take care of ourselves.

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