OpenAI is currently, in talks with Scarlett Johansson regarding the voice resemblance of one of ChatGPTs voices. The tech company is addressing concerns about the striking similarity between the voice and the actress.

OpenAI has initiated discussions with Scarlett Johanssons representatives after removing one of ChatGPTs voices due to its likeness to the actress.

“We have been in discussions with ScarJos team to address any confusion and take feedback seriously ” said Joanne Jang, who leads model behavior at OpenAI.

The voice in question named Sky was a default option on ChatGPT. Gained attention for sounding similar to Johanssons character in the movie “Her,” where she portrays an intelligent voice assistant. OpenAI CTO Mira Murati mentioned that the resemblance was unintentional. Efforts to contact Johanssons team for comments have been unsuccessful far.

Jang, involved in selecting actors to provide voices for the chatbot explained that the similarities may be due to a lack of convincing examples of voice assistants. She pointed out that other voice assistants, like Siri and Alexa still sound robotic.
ChatGPT introduced voices year. Skys voice only caught peoples attention recently when OpenAI improved its voice assistants expressiveness, with the GPT 4o model. Jang mentioned that users can customize their selected voice to display emotions and personalities whether lively, composed or even melancholic based on what resonates with them the most.

“We aim for users to feel comfortable ” Jang stressed, underlining the significance of personalization in creating an experience. “We understand their desire for a product that doesn’t force them to pretend to be someone.”

OpenAIs dedication to addressing user needs and ensuring a pleasant user journey is apparent in their handling of this matter. Through engagement, with Johanssons team OpenAI strives to navigate the challenges of voice similarity while preserving user confidence and contentment.

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