Taking creative courses online is always a great way to increase creativity and learn more. There are now pretty much an endless list of online course platforms that provide numerous courses. We tried about every online platform and we’re here to report to you the list of best options available.  

How to know what platform is right for you?

You should always look at reviews and testimonials from the creative community to see if any of the platform you’re looking to try out has helped them.

You can also ask your own social media followers or creative community members on Wishu, The-Dots or Facebook for advice on what platforms worked for them. 

Top 3 online course platforms for creatives

Here you will find the top 3 online course platforms for creatives and freelances to try out in 2021/22. 


Domestika is probably one of the most talked about online course platforms for illustrators, photographers and designers. The entire platform is dedicated to creative courses and provides you with thousands of options to choose from.

With Domestika you can do more than just start an online course, it also serves as a social media platform where you can share your portfolio and your freelance work. 

Each of the courses is taught by a qualified professional and run anywhere from 2 to 12+ hours, and can cost you just as little as $10. And once you purchase you can keep watching the course forever, with no commitment to subscription required. 

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Udemy is one of the most famous of online course platforms. It provides more than 130,0000 online courses that are uploaded by teachers all around the globe. It not only offers creative courses but also business skills and marketing courses.

With that many options you are destined to find a course that aligns with what you’re looking for (but check out the reviews to make sure the quality of course is working for you) – the quality of the courses overall is quite high and udemy runs quality checks to keep low-effort content away from the platform. 

The pricing is definitely on the higher end, compared to domestika. Prices can reach $100 – $200 oer course but you will run into discounts by as much as 90% off. Instructors can set their own pricing, if you do your research before buying you can find some real money worthy courses that will help you!

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MasterClass is one of our team favourites! As the name implies, every class is taught by a professional (mostly celebrities).

You can find classes by Alicia Keys, Metallica, Chris Voss, Anna Wintour and more! The production quality is definitely something that made us draw in. You will gain the right insights from the pros who been through it and mastered their field. 

The only weakness we found is that MasterClass compared to Udemy and Domestika is limiting with courses they provide. 

A subscription to MasterClass runs £169.99, with no options for monthly payments. That’s expensive, but considering the expertise of the teachers, it’s worth the price of entry.

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