Anciela is a sustainable fashion brand that celebrates Latino culture and experimental tailoring and was founded by London-based Chilean/Colombian Fashion Designer Jennifer Droguett in 2019. After graduating with a BA in Fashion Design and Technology from AMFI in 2015, Droguett cut her teeth on big brands like Viktor & Rolf and House of Holland and also has worked as a Fashion Designer and Pattern Cutter for emerging designers such as Richard Malone, Sadie Williams and Art School.

Filmed in April 2021 and launched during Fashion Revolution Week 2021, Nueve is a fashion documentary about creative Latinos living in London be it of first, second or third generation.

The documentary follows several artists from Singer-Songwriters like Chilean Rosa Cecilia and Colombian Jessica Gomez to spiritual performing artists like Ruben Vucubcame from Mexico and boutique owner Maria from Colombia. Each creative freelancer of Latino descent is asked what smell reminds them of home and how their artistic work aims to bring more attention to Latin culture – both the beauty and the struggles – from an Anglophone audience, location and perspective.

The documentary sees the creatives break down alters in a form of anti-colonial protest and features a capella singing as a way to get back to roots and emotional expression. 

Filmed behind the Mercato Latino in Seven Sisters, the documentary also aims to bring attention to the Save Latin Village campaign who protested for months against the local council’s plans to tear down and gentrify the collection of Latino businesses in Seven Sisters by replacing it with collective apartment blocks. Only last week was the plan diminished and it would be an understatement to say that Jennifer’s documentary Nueve was a helping hand in convincing against the gentrification of the area. 

Images by Anciela

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