The packaging degrades in around six months including the label, adhesive and ink.

Leeds-based coffee roastery North Star Coffee has created the first 100% home compostable packaging for its 250g coffee bags in collaboration with Grounded Packaging. 

The new coffee bags also have the highest percentage of bio-based material of any on the market in the UK, with collaborators Grounded calculating environmental impact and offsetting requirements to account for global transportation too.

Of the several current compostable coffee bags on the market, many will only break down in an industrial compost, “and [they] must have several elements (such as the label, valve and resealable strip) removed first,” points out the roastery in a release. With its company and wider industry so reliant on elements such as seals and valves, North Star spent lockdown looking into ways to reduce plastic in its roastery. The home-compostable solution was made with approachability in mind, particularly for first-time coffee buyers.

For the 97% of people in the UK without a compost bin, North Star is also offering to compost packaging for customers when they drop bags back at its roastery or coffee shop, to maximise the effect of the initiative. It’s a win win!

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