Nobody wants to work these days: beauty influencer drops out of gifted Coachella trip

If you were paid to go to and attend Coachella, would you drop out on day three? Kensington Tillo, a 23-year-old beauty influencer, was invited to accompany Poosh (Kourtney Kardashian’s wellness brand) at the infamous festival. 

“I’m really starting to listen to my body and not push myself when my body is telling me to sleep and go home. I need to listen,” Tillo said in her TikTok. “So I’m just gonna get ready and take content even though I’m not going!”

The influencer claimed that when she doesn’t listen to her body, she starts to “completely spiral” and recounted an experience of being on another trip and forced to “rage and party,” leading her to push her limits.

Understandably, many viewers were offended, feeling that Tillo was taking advantage of a position of privilege and not being sustainable. “Just don’t drink” someone commented with many others accusing her of not recognising her privilege. Tillo defended herself, asking why she should push herself beyond her limits when dealing with “extreme anxiety.”


Waking up at 6 am on Coachella Day 1 🌵🌄 i have a camping hub video coming soon! GRWM and OOTDs coming soon too! #coachella #coachella2023 #carcamping #coachellavlog #coachellacarcamping #coachellaweekend1

♬ original sound – Kaela 😉

On the other hand comments like “we stan a queen who knows her boundaries” were supported. 

In all fairness, Tillo did fulfil her role as an employee; she took the selfies, she made the TikToks, and she tagged the brands. At the same time she didn’t fulfil it to the fullest. It would be like me writing all the articles my boss asks for without spell checking them. I still did the work but the execution isn’t ideal. 

It can be hard to forgive such clumsiness when witnessing someone on a six figure salary who is being gifted a flight, stay, wristband, and activities surrounding a festival some pay their life savings on. 

Was Kim K right? Does nobody want to work these days…

“If you’ve noticed that your TikTok engagement is down you’re not alone. Keeping up with changes in the algorithm is so exhausting” 

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