Nick Fury returns in new trailer for Marvel’s Secret Invasion series on Disney Plus

The latest trailer for Secret Invasion serves as a teaser for Marvel’s upcoming large-scale battle. Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is featured in the trailer, donning a black outfit and ready to lead the charge. The series is set to debut on Disney Plus on June 21st.

After remaining largely absent since the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Fury returns to Earth to wage a war that only he can fight. While Fury has been away, Skrulls who are loyal to him, such as Talos, have observed the rise of the extremist Gravik, who has used Fury’s absence as a justification for violent actions aimed at achieving true freedom on Earth.

Gravik’s attacks bring Fury back to Earth, where he reunites with old allies such as Maria Hill and Sonya Falsworth, who appears to be human. However, Fury refuses to contact the Avengers for assistance, which appears to be a significant factor in the world’s impending danger. Although the trailer does not hint at whether the Avengers will make an appearance, the show promises to be incredibly engaging when it premieres on Disney Plus in June.

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