Apparently 86% of UK freelancers have profited from selling Web 3.0 services. Wondering why you’re not benefiting from this creative chain? Read on to get inspired. 

Freelancer platform Fiverr recently conducted a survey revealing the earning potential of Web 3.0 Services, including NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), the Metaverse, Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

1,000 UK freelancers were surveyed at the start of 2022, many of whom have already successfully leveraged Web 3.0 to build into their portfolio and increased their income, with 87 per cent revealing they have already made a profit by offering these services.

Fiverr’s analysis also found that more than three in four freelancers (77%) plan to enhance their current service offering based on the growth of Web 3.0, showing an inclination to embrace innovation.

UK freelancers predict they could earn an extra £2,300 per month on average from Web 3.0 with 37 per cent confident they could earn up to £3,000 and 20 per cent believing they could earn up to £4,000. That’s some serious money! 

UK freelancers also recognise the potential of other Web 3.0 services including AI and AR with nearly a third (32%) saying they see opportunities to incorporate AI into their work, and a further 34 per cent for AR.

Generation Z in particular are showing greater optimism towards NFTs compared to other Web 3.0 technologies, with 60 per cent looking at NFTs and auctioning platforms as a serious market for professional growth. It is suspected that much of this is driven by a desire for decentralisation via the lack of personalization offered to Gen Z in regards to creative consumption. 

As giant platforms such as Instagram and Spotify have deprived many artists from making independent profit, Web3 and NFTs could be a saving grace. Time will only tell.  

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