It allows people to create, manage and sell NFTs. Not to mention, it allows creators to use their own custom smart contracts. Thus NiftyKit allows NFT creators to truly own the assets they create on the platform.

NFT Art Generator

Create generative NFT collections with no coding required. NFT Art Generator allows you to create layers, import your art assets and create entire generative NFT collections. It handles just about everything, allowing you to select rarities for traits and groups of traits, edit the metadata for your collection, and preview the generated artworks.


A great launchpad for NFT creators, but you’ll need an invitation. Foundation is a platform that prides itself on being creator-focused and having more curation to its marketplace than you’ll find on OpenSea. After all, OpenSea itself admits that about 80% of the content on its platform is junk. To that end, NFT creators hoping to use Foundation will first need an invitation from someone already on Foundation.

Manifold Studio

Custom smart contract for NFT Creators, and much more. Launched in October 2021, Manifold Studio comes from the company best known for crafting custom smart contracts for NFT creators, both for those new to the space and for major names and projects. The Manifold Studio dashboard allows users to create smart contracts with the click of a button – no coding necessary. And best of all, it’s completely free to use!

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