NFT community building on Twitter Spaces

We’re all aware of the symbiotic relationship that exists between community growth and content creation. However, as social audio evolves and the nature of content creation diversifies, community building motivation takes on new dimensions.
Yes, we’re referring to the Twitter Spaces community for the NFT.

If you’re trying to figure out how to start a social audio community, each content creator or host will offer their advice based on their own personal experiences. However, there are some similar themes here, like as commitment, offering value, encouraging community participation, being real and consistent, and so on. All of these efforts and suggestions are aimed squarely at the common incentives of social audio listeners.

  • Twitter Spaces empowers community building and increase awareness. When it comes to improving visibility and awareness, Twitter and Spaces have a huge effect on NFT communities.
  • Encourages “humanity”. Spaces allow the listener to become a participant in the process. The NFT community is affected by Spaces because it allows people’s humanity to fill in the hole of loneliness that was so prevalent in Web 2.0.
  • A gathering place, including the newcomers of NFT with limited knowledge. Spaces will play a more intimate role in reaching out to the community and passing on knowledge.
  • Networking. Using Twitter to expand and improve your audience has become a true phenomenon in recent years. Every day, you can visit an NFT area to learn more about different subjects and dialogues, as well as stay up with the schedule.

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