Next Clubhouse? Spotify launched Spotify Greenroom—and Is Funding its Creators

spotify greenroom audio chat rooms
Spotify Greenroom

It seems that Clubhouse has inspired some competition. Both Facebook and Spotify have launched their own Clubhouse-inspired audio chat rooms. Spotify’s, Spotify Greenroom and Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms. But from the competition, only Spotify is currently pushing further to reward its creators and have launched a Creator Fund for Greenroom. 

Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Spotify Greenroom was launched as a separate app and is available to download via both iOS and Android devices. As a user, you don’t need to have a Spotify account to join the newly launched Greenroom. The app works pretty similarly to Clubhouse, anyone can create their own rooms and invite friends and users to join them. 

According to a press release from Spotify, “When you host a room you’ll have the power to moderate, choose speakers, set the tone and topic of discussion as well as record the audio. Greenroom also gives you the ability to surprise and delight your fans by popping up in their conversations too.”

Sounds great, right?! Spotify Greenroom is also launching a Creator Fund. This fund will pay Greenroom creators who regularly create rooms. The payouts will occur on a weekly basis, although Spotify does not specify how exactly they will measure to calculate the payout. 

According to its website, “payouts are calculated weekly and based on a number of relevant factors, including the consumption of each creator’s live audio content and audience size. Creators can earn funds every week with no limit on the number of times they can earn.”

Facebook is releasing more exclusive rooms. With only iOS users who can host the room for now, and only public figures and selected Facebook Groups who can create the rooms. But everyone both iOS and Android users can listen to live audio rooms on the Facebook news feed. Facebook plans on rolling out Live Rooms to more public figures and groups in the coming months, though it has not announced plans for making the functionality available to the wider public.

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