I cancelled my Netflix subscription last night. I never expected that to happen; I just treated it like an Amazon Prime subscription for my deliveries (which I’ll continue to pay for until I’m 90). Let me explain why…

Thursday evening: I fired up the Netflix app on my TV in search of a good comedy film to watch. I think I spent about 20 minutes scrolling through the app before realising there was nothing new to see.

So: I switched to Apple TV+ and discovered much better and more unique options. I think it took me around 3 minutes to find something I liked. In case you were wondering, I ended up watching Loot with Maya Rudolph, an original Apple TV+ show (which was hilarious).

Then: It made me wonder why I was paying £15.99 per month for Netflix Premium. Especially since I realised I hadn’t watched a single new show or movie on the platform in the last two months (okay, besides Stranger Things).

No wonder that Netflix lost a million subscribers just between April and July. Clearly I’m not the only one growing disillusioned with the service.

I’m aware that Netflix believes that recapturing the Stranger Things magic will save them. Netflix told Reuters that they’re giving a dozen Netflix shows and movies the Stranger Things treatment (merchandise, spinoffs, IRL events) in the hopes to create its own Star Wars. 

Here’s what would entice me to renew my Netflix subscription:

  1. Prioritizing content quality over quantity. Netflix initially believed that spending money on developing hundreds of new films and shows would save them. If they truly want to recreate the Stranger Things magic, I believe they must rethink their spending on shows that make no sense (especially stand up comedy specials).
  2. Releasing episodes weekly rather than all at once. I know a lot of people enjoy bingeing and appreciate that Netflix releases the entire season at once. This, I believe, is simply something that causes issues with member retention and activity. And I believe there is something special about waiting for your favourite show to release new episode on a weekly basis.
  3. Bringing us closer to our friends and what they’re watching. Given the growth of apps and platforms that allow you to share and watch something with your friends, I’m surprised Netflix hasn’t included a feature that allows you to see what your friends recommend to watch or what they’re binging right now. It’s such a miss for Netflix. This not only fosters a relationship with the platform, but it also ensures that if the user is unable to find something to watch, they can always turn to their friend lists.
  4. Use celebrity to your advantage. Netflix’s Twitter account is funnier and more entertaining to follow than their platform. Not to be rude, but it’s true! I was always puzzled as to why Netflix did not capitalise on the magic that celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown and Kevin Hart possessed and create celebrity favourite lists. Or, other people from film industry create playlists (for example, Spielberg’s picks).
  5. Gamify Netflix. Probably the most random of the five ideas, but I believe that gamifying the streaming service would increase user activity. Consider going on the app on a Wednesday and finding that Netflix only has 5 movies/shows to choose from.

I believe this will pursued me in returning to the streaming service. What are your thoughts?

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