NBCUniversal has made a groundbreaking announcement during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, revealing its plans to expand the One Platform globally. This strategic move, in partnership with Comcast sibling FreeWheel, marks a significant milestone for the media industry. By enabling marketers to manage their global linear and connected TV campaigns through a single buy, NBCUniversal is set to reshape media planning and create new opportunities for advertisers across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

Unifying content and audiences:

The expansion of the One Platform aims to address a crucial need in the market—providing a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates content and audiences across diverse markets. NBCUniversal’s launch partners, including Atresmedia, Bell Media, Seven West Media, Sky Media, Talpa Network, TF1 Group, and Tokyo Broadcasting System, will be pivotal in bringing this vision to life. Additionally, renowned agency group Omnicom Media Group has already pledged its support, further emphasizing the industry’s recognition of this groundbreaking initiative.

A global perspective:

Traditionally, media planning and buying have been conducted on a local or regional scale due to the fragmented nature of global media markets. However, NBCUniversal’s expansion of the One Platform challenges this status quo, recognizing the growing demand from leading brand and performance marketers for global or multi-market campaigns. By consolidating content, audiences, data, identity, automation, and measurement into a single platform, NBCUniversal aims to simplify the execution of global campaigns while providing marketers with the scale and solutions they need to succeed.

Empowering publishers:

One Platform’s global footprint will not only benefit marketers but also empower publishers to compete effectively at both the local and global levels. With the increasing demand for pan-regional and global budgets, premium publishers, like NBCUniversal’s launch partners, can now leverage the platform to enhance their competitiveness. The ability to access a wide range of markets through a single access point will streamline campaign execution, while standardization of measurement and reporting will further drive operational efficiency.

Breaking barriers:

The expansion of One Platform also presents an opportunity to overcome challenges associated with media measurement and ratings across different countries. By bringing together rival networks and streaming platforms into a common system, NBCUniversal’s initiative offers a potential blueprint for the future operations of the U.S. Joint Industry Committee. With this advancement, the industry can work towards a more streamlined and standardized approach to measurement, benefiting marketers, advertisers, and consumers alike.

NBCUniversal’s decision to expand the One Platform globally is a transformative step in media planning and buying. By providing a holistic solution that integrates content, audiences, and measurement across diverse markets, the company is revolutionizing the way campaigns are executed on a global scale. This move not only benefits marketers, who can now access a comprehensive platform for managing their campaigns, but also empowers publishers to compete effectively and navigate the complexities of the media landscape. With the industry’s support and participation from key stakeholders, NBCUniversal is poised to reshape the future of media planning and drive innovation in the advertising ecosystem.

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