Nail Artists Are Scratching New Heights

The 90s Mary J.Blige, B.A.P.S Halle Berry style stiletto acrylics have been back in fashion for a while and its resurgence has brought new light to the nail industry.

It’s not just about french manicures and trims anymore, the role of nail art in editorials is adding more and more to the narrative. Here are some of our favourite nail artists you can check out for inspiration.

Sonya Belakhlef, New York 

Belakhlef’s signature style, informed by a collision of colour and texture, has graced the pages of Vogue, Garage, Dazed, Office and the New York Times Magazine, working with photographers Renell Medrano, Nick Sethi, Jack Davison and Inez and Vinoodh.

Fuego Nails, London

Based in London but with Spanish, Greek-Cypriot and New Zealander roots, Blake’s cultural references are a wide-ranging melting pot: one of the many things which her designs so unique. Blake’s own Instagram for her business Fuego Nails, based in London, reads “B.A.D Nails For Bad Bitches”, and it’s this decidedly DGAF attitude that dominates her aesthetic. It speaks of an overarching feminist trend within nail art, and within society today, reflective of the kind of strength and power the modern woman represents. “You can say a lot with your nails,” Blake asserts. “You can portray who you are and who you want to be.”

Angel’s Nailz

From Rina Sawayama to Megan Thee Stallion, you’ve definitely seen Angel’s press on somewhere even if you haven’t heard her name before. Growing up in her mum’s salon, Angel was raised among the core foundations of nail care and art. She now explores shape, theme and colour so that her reactions display a multitude of expressions. 

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