Community Stories – Samson Balogun, Music Artist – Ahdeesa

I used to dance in my living room in Nigeria to crazy rhythms. With no electricity, I often played football, using my window as the goal and the sofa as a goalie. I scored every time.

I did not start making music until after I embarked on a potential career in professional football. There was interest in signing me onto a team. For a time, I played semi-professionally in many different locations. It was on this journey where I had conquered many of my personal battles. After my leg broke, my chances of having a professional football career wasn’t looking too good. However, I believe that every battle leads to a new beginning. I got back up and decided to explore a second childhood dream: music.

I began experimenting with producing instrumentals and hip-hop beats in 2016. Being a quick learner, I immersed myself in music theory and music production. I had to push myself to learn everyday, setting new targets and ambitions. For me, there is never enough learning. I visualise my artistic form through always learning, constantly moving towards an ideal vision of my music.

This led me to start experimenting with vocals after a long stretch of being unable to get recognition for my instrumentals from other artists. At that time, it didn’t feel like I was even making music. Whilst recording vocals, I found myself falling deeply into my art, where I was able to feel my creative ability and expand on it.

I fell in love with performing soon after. Performing my own music brought such empowerment and the ability to express my emotions in a way I’ve never done before. This feeling is what pushes me to continue to produce and perform to larger audiences.

My style varies, but stays within the realms of hip-hop. It can be experimental, bouncy, and eerie at times.

I’ve produced a solo while I was performing in a band called MUTATIONS. This experience drove my passion to perform as a solo artist, and you can find my newly released singles on all streaming platforms. I’m excited to continue down this path by building my artistic persona and constantly learning.

I am so proud of these, check out my new singles available here:

Ahdeesa – RED

Ahdeesa – The Other Side of Fear

And my first LP ‘LIBERTY’ is coming out this month! So stay tuned!

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