ChoChoiCreative has designed lovable retro characters for Vietnamese Snack Brand The Munchies Box.  ‘Into the Groove’ is the name of the launch and ​​sees familiar sweets from popcorn to bubblegum turned into a cast of cool characters.  

“The characters are based on distinctive traits, and each member is put into either funny or awkward yet down-to-Earth situations, with their cute persona shining through in our illustrations,” says ChoChoi Creative.

The aesthetic is built on a foundation of low saturation tones and primary colors and its slightly edgy look takes its cues from ’80s comics and 50s cinematic cartoons. A Game Boy-Esque handheld console and chunky VHS tape even accompany the identity launch to enhance the nostalgic feel. 

The adorable cartoons are set to appear on tote bags, pin badges, T-Shirts, stickers and face masks the Into the Groove identity is an in-your-face success!

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