Mucho Rebrands Visa with Modernism at its Centre

On January 14, just a few days ago, Visa launched its first rebrand since 2014. The big change? Its logo no longer includes its name, Visa. Instead, three horizontal stripes, blue, white and gold, make up this bare-faced logo.

Aiming to shift perceptions of Visa as “just a credit card company,” global studio Mucho was tasked with repositioning the brand as a trusted “infrastructure that moves a payment from point A to point B.” 

The motivation behind this modernisation is the ongoing move towards a more digital world, and while this is universal, the world of finance is specifically affected. With the contactless payment limit going higher and higher and more people using Google or Apple Pay, the intent behind the new design is to be more visible in a digital world with increasingly smaller mobile environments.

“The Visa ‘Acceptance Mark’ – the version of the brand mark contained within a blue and yellow bar,” says Rob Duncan, Mucho creative director, “although highly recognisable, wasn’t working at point of sale, especially within digital scenarios […] By separating the Visa brand mark from within the bars, we created an ‘equals symbol’, therefore reinforcing Visa’s purpose-driven message of access, inclusivity, equality and diversity. The rest of the system is really built from those simple three bands of blue, white, and yellow as well as the ratio of thirds.”

As well as a fresh new logo, Mucho also created a new humanistic typeface, called Visa Dialect, designed specifically to drive brand awareness. Rather than adding a superfluous graphic language to the identity system, Mucho focused on creatively using the new typeface, showing Visa Dialect very large and cropping into the letterforms. 

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