Shopify first partnered with MrBeast in November of last year when the creator opened a store on the platform selling only MrBeast-branded socks—and sold out within two minutes. The partnership is now extending beyond social media and into an in-person activation, with Shopify transforming its New York event space into a large-scale scavenger hunt that allows MrBeast’s more than 200 million YouTube subscribers to interact with him beyond the comments section.

Entitled the “Shopify x MrBeast Heist experience,” which also doubles as a marketing push for MrBeast’s own chocolate brand, Feastables, is just one of many collaborations between the brand and creator over the past year.

MrBeast—whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson—had been using Shopify to sell his merch since 2018, when he had just 3 million subscribers, and later leveraged the platform to sell his Feastables products.

“I love the goal of inspiring more people to bet on themselves and try entrepreneurship,” Donaldson said in an email with AdAge. “Our partnership with Shopify has reached new heights for my content business, as well as Feastables. They really want to support entrepreneurs, so we get to do cool things that nobody else would consider, like climbing a mountain in Antarctica or promoting one of their merchants instead of themselves.”

Donaldson often incorporates brand partners into his videos in this way, weaving discussion of a brand into the action of the video, rather than setting it apart from the content in a discrete ad read in the first few minutes of the video. Similarly, another of his Shopify-sponsored videos—a massive elimination game pitting a person of each age from one to 100 against each other—positions Donaldson’s promotion of Shopify’s Shop app alongside a Jenga tournament among the game’s final 25 contestants.


Duet this with your best business pitch by Oct 31, post with #PitchMrBeast and @shopify to enter to win a $10,000 investment. Must be 18+

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Shopify’s partnership with Donaldson has extended to other social platforms, as well. Last year, the company launched its #PitchMrBeast TikTok contest urging users to pitch their business ideas to Donaldson for a chance to win a $10,000 investment. The duo has also leveraged X, formerly Twitter, to give Shopify merchants an opportunity to tell Donaldson about their businesses and have him potentially buy up some of their product inventory.

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