Meta’s Threads app enhances user experience with liked posts and quality updates

Meta, the parent company of popular social media platforms, continues to refine its offerings with the latest update to its text-based app, Threads. This update brings a new way for users to interact with their liked posts, enhancing the overall user experience. The feature, which was initially tested on Android beta, is now available to all users.

Finding your liked posts has never been easier. Users can now access their liked posts conveniently through the Settings > Your Likes option, accessible from the profile page. Unlike some other platforms, such as Twitter, where likes are accessed through a separate tab, Threads streamlines the process, making it simpler to review your favorite content.

In addition to the liked post feature, Threads introduces a new media upload quality option. Users can now upload images and videos in higher quality, enhancing the visual content they share with their network. This enhancement is found in Settings > Account > Media quality, and it empowers users to present their media in the best possible light.

Moreover, Threads now offers improved control over your following list. Users can sort their following list based on ‘Latest first’ or ‘Earlier first’ criteria, providing a more tailored experience. To access this feature, users can navigate to their profile, tap on the followers facepile beneath their bio, and then proceed to the ‘Following’ tab.

While these updates may be categorized as small enhancements, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has hinted at even more exciting changes in the near future. The upcoming additions, such as post search and a web version, are eagerly anticipated and promise to elevate Threads’ functionality and user engagement.

Threads, launched just last month, achieved an impressive milestone with 100 million users signing up within its first five days. Despite early success, recent analytics data indicates a slight dip in app usage over time. Nevertheless, with Meta’s commitment to ongoing improvements and user-centric features, Threads is poised to continue captivating users with its evolving capabilities.

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