All of us, especially influencers and artists, are secretly hoping that Threads could be another TikTok circa 2020/2021 situation where a stellar algorithm can ensure mass growth seemingly overnight. Luckily for us, a 13 page document by Meta that outlines everything about Threads, from how to use it to what a Mastodon integration may look like, has been leaked.

The leaked document was first reported by Lia Haberman, an adjunct professor at UCLA Extension. One creator told Insider they had received the document from Meta’s partnerships team, which handles relationships with public figures, celebrities, brands, and content creators.

Threads is pretty threadbare for the moment with no DMs, hashtag or search for trends features yet available. This is set to change, however, with Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri posting to Threads on 11th July that his team would focus on bringing “obvious missing features” to the app, such as a following feed and enhanced search.

The 13-page document shared with Insider supports this, specifically naming three updates coming to trends and topics, search, and messaging. Also “coming soon” to Threads is the decentralisation features that were hyped up pre-release, the document says.

“We’re committed to building support for ActivityPub, the protocol behind Mastodon, into this app,” Mosseri posted to Threads when the app launched. “We weren’t able to finish it for launch given a number of complications that come along with a decentralised network, but it’s coming.”

Instagram’s document breaks down Threads’ purpose into four key selling points; Share your POV, Log in with Instagram, Control the Conversation, Reach New Audiences.

Much of the document’s early content is pretty basic stating the obvious like how Threads is a text first app but photos and videos can be shared and the similarities to Instagram’s privacy controls.

One of the most interesting highlights is that Threads will be compatible with Mastodon soon, according to the document. Although Threads launched without any decentralised features, the app will soon integrate other text-based platforms like Mastodon. Here is Instagram’s vision for the integration, according to the document:

  • Follow and be followed by users on other apps
  • See content from Mastodon users you follow in your feed apps and interact with it like any other thread. Your content can also appear on Mastodon if you’re a public account or are private and approve Mastodon followers.
  • Search for the profile of a user, then choose to follow them on Mastodon without leaving Threads

Another interesting point is that they can soon take their followers with them from Threads to Mastodon, if they wish.

Regarding updates to follow, trending content, search, and DMs are next on the agenda.
“We don’t have a lot to share yet, but we’re working on improvements creators have shared in feedback,” the document reads. Here is what Instagram teased to creators as “coming soon,” according to the document:

  • Trends & Topics
  • Improved search
  • Messaging

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