Meta extends ‘Meta Verified’ verification subscription program to UK users

We’ve kept our eye on Meta’s Verification Program for a while and this week marks the first time it has come to the UK. For those otherwise unfamiliar, the Verification Program allows users to purchase blue ticks. Twitter has undergone such programmes several times over the past few months and messily so at that under soon-to-go Musk. 

The difference between Meta and Twitter’s programmes is that where Twitter offers more exposure potential, Meta pulled its increased reach element for Meta Verified profiles in the US and won’t be bringing this element to the UK. 

So what are the benefits of Meta Verified other than a blue tick? According to Meta, “Proactive account protection”, “Direct Account Support” and other “Exclusive Features” are promised. The direct account support option has already proven beneficial for some, with users signing on to Meta Verified in order to rectify long-standing issues, then letting their subscription lapse a month later.

The promise of “Verification” as a benefit is rather iconic. Now that anyone can buy one, it no longer represents a higher level of trust or credibility, so its value is declining over time. Which is ironic, given that it’s now making more money than ever for Meta and Twitter respectively – but still, only a small percentage of Twitter users are paying, and you can bet that only a fraction of Meta users will also sign up to the program.

So why has Meta bothered launching the program? Like Twitter, Meta needs the money, and it’ll be a handy supplemental income stream, despite being a very minor one in comparison to ads. A percentage of their users will always pay, and that’ll bring in some additional revenue – and if the checkmark system is already being corrupted by Twitter, Meta, I guess, may as well profit from the same.

Meta Verified will be available to UK users for £12 per month via iOS or Android, or £9.50 per month direct from Meta on the web. My advice? Save that £12 for a London-priced sandwich in this cost of living economy. 

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