Mentality toolkit for creatives

Mentality toolkit for creatives

by Wishu
19 July 2021
Mental Health toolkit for creative freelancers, photographers, makeup artists, graphic designers, artists, animators, editors, videographers
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Thinking of making your own big moves? You will probably need to harness some essential psychological skills. Here are three key traits, helping you stay mentally strong and successful in your field. 👇

👉 Staying In touch

Staying in touch with yourself and your work is very important, it requires you not to only see your potential but also to remember what you’re building. Here are some pointers to how to move towards a successful mindset of growing your creative business.

Start with seeking out those who have been in your or similar position. Actively search for similar creatives/freelancers in your own niche or industry, who are around 2 years (2-4 years) ahead of you. Someone who had been through those daily frustrations and struggles already. 

Remember to break down everything in small steps, allow yourself to grow at your own pace and not setting too much pressure and expectations. 

Stay realistic but obsessed with what you do. There is no such thing as ‘no stress’ or everything is perfect and calm. If you believe in yourself and what you’re building, then you know that will carry you through.

👉 Focusing on the bigger picture

‘The bigger picture’ – prioritise and be strategic of how you offer your services. Stay focused on why clients hire you for your service? How does your work fit into the broader picture? 

Prioritising on self-learning. Start by using some software like Things 3 or Toggl to make a list of everything that you need to do or finish. Start valuing each activity to what provides you with the best value and start prioritising based on what is best for you and your business. Structure your day to date activities on top three tasks, delegate or eliminate everything else. 

The latest research shows that we can only hold about 3 priorities in our minds at once. Starting with defining what those three priorities are to you will help you understand your priorities.

👉 Finding your boundaries & setting limits 

Boundaries help all of us define our limits and top priorities. We need them not only for our work life but also for our personal lives. No matter what we’re pursuing boundaries help us stay in touch with what can be achieved! Examine the eight dimensions of wellness (physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, environmental and occupational), then you can precisely know the are where stress might be affecting you. Then start setting your limits to eliminate the roots of stress.


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