Mental Health Charity ‘Mind’ Rebrands for a Post Covid World

Mental Health Charity ‘Mind’ Rebrands for a Post Covid World

by Wishu
25 May 2021

In its first rebrand for a decade, Mind collaborate with DesignStudio to focus on the growing need for mental health support. 

The charity’s CEO, Paul Farmer, makes an interesting observation that weighs the pros and cons of the public attitude towards mental health post Covid. “There have been some hugely positive shifts in attitudes towards those of us with mental health problems, as well as increasing challenges, as more people come forward for support with their mental health, placing greater strain on services.” 
Mind still maintains its iconic blue shade but has expanded the colour palette to include a pastel pink, minty green and bright coral. In addition, both the watermark and the typeface have seen an upgrade in order to fit in with social media demands. 
According to DesignStudio creative director Vinay Mistry the goal was “to build on existing elements but broaden Mind’s appeal for today’s diverse audience”. This acknowledgement is exactly what’s needed during a time where mental health matters for everyone. 


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