To be fully transparent, I haven’t heard about or from Meghan Trainor in a hot minute. Maybe UK media just hasn’t covered her that much since her All About That Bass mega hit in 2014. Upon Googling her now for the first time in years I was presented with headlines claiming she wants to have six children ‘immediately’, she’s also in the midst of a ‘sex shop scandal’ and I discovered that she’s married to Daryl Sabara of Spy Kids! Just before I clicked off and thought I’d had enough Google dose for today, I noticed some very intriguing news about the singer…

Trainor is releasing her new single, “Made You Look,” exclusively through Candy Crush.
Can you believe it’s been ten years of the addictive game? King’s Candy Crush Saga kicked off a celebration of its 10th anniversary last month by enlisting ad agency David Madrid for a print and OOH ad campaign. The party continues at 8 a.m. EST October 20 with the Grammy-winning pop star launching her single in the game. 

While celebrity collaborations are nothing new for the game, which has been downloaded more than 3 billion times since 2012, this is the first time Candy Crush has placed a music video in the app.

“I’m a big fan of Candy Crush Saga,” Trainor said in a statement. “I love playing when I have a bit of downtime in the studio so I’m looking forward to bringing the game to life for my fans within the music video. Between the bright colours of the game and providing players with a fun escape from reality, Candy Crush Saga was the perfect inspiration.”

The concept of the music video was inspired by Candy Crush itself and shows a busy day in Trainor’s life as she attends a photo shoot, a press conference and an awards show while meeting friends such as TikTok personality Chris Olsen. The video will exclusively be available on the game for 24 hours to preview the October 21st launch of Trainor’s fourth full-length album, Takin’ It Back.

Trainor will also appear as a character within the game from Oct. 20-26 as part of a takeover where players can hear her comment on their progress. Additionally, the app will include behind-the-scenes footage from the “Made You Look” video.

“Working with Meghan Trainor on this unique collaboration is thrilling for our fans,” King chief marketing officer Fernanda Romano said in a statement. “Her music is uplifting and provides listeners with a ‘sweet escape’—just like Candy Crush Saga. As part of our 10th anniversary, we’re excited to celebrate with our players around the world through exclusive content, as well as more fun surprises to come.”

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