In preparation to welcome her at our Web3 Creator Summit in June, we had the pleasure of talking to Web3 and NFT creator and consultant Niamh. Otherwise known as IrishNFTGal online, we spoke to Niamh about her upcoming projects, her web3 journey and just being an Irish icon in the space. 

Where did you first discover web3 and when did your journey with NFTs begin?

I discovered crypto four years ago and researched a lot before diving into NFTs. My brother was getting paid in Bitcoin at the time which sparked my investment and I was intrigued by the concept of digital payments. Throughout Covid I sold some of my physical paintings in the form of NFTs which started my journey with assets on the blockchain.

My background is in marketing and I majored in UX Design and I started consulting because I wanted to bring these backgrounds to something new which began with brands and projects, my connection base certainly helped me with that. Many artists were so focused on the craft itself that they found it hard to market themselves so I offered to look after that side of things. At the moment, I am still both creating and helping others which means I’m never bored! 

Currently I’m working with an avatar artist with Reddit for their next drop in April. 

How did the Reddit opportunity come about?

I found it difficult to find nearby NFT artists in Ireland so I joined a bunch of Discords looking for Irish artists. I then created a list and communicative group of Irish artists, the director of the Reddit Creator Program happens to be Irish, hence the connection. That’s why it is so important to network. I reach out to at least a few new people each week because word of mouth goes a long way.

What advice would you pass onto new web3 artists on how to network and build a community of fellow web3 creatives and maintain those relationships?

Look into DAOs – it’s basically just another word for community and nothing to be afraid of! They usually have funds and will pay for their community to go to NFT Lisbon or NFT NYC or what have you. I think it’s important to create your own opportunities, which requires time and effort but it will pay back in the long term. This could be a group chat with local people, for example. A DAO will also help so much with promotion for your NFT project. 

A common misconception or pre-judgement people have upon entering the space argue that it isn’t sustainable monetisation, what would you say to this as someone working in web3 full time?

I gave myself a goal when I entered web3 to work in it full time after two years. It ended up happening after 10 months but I am a natural risk taker and understand that isn’t for everyone. I also had a history of crypto experience which helped. Find jobs in the space you would like to do and follow what they’re up to because this will keep you updated. I’m used to working seven days a week and learnt from previous businesses to never just rely on one big client so I was making money through my own art and three smaller projects which grew to two more big projects. When I left my 9 to 5 it was a risk but the market was making good money at the time. My 9 to 5 wasn’t super enjoyable so I didn’t have much to lose and I’m so glad I took the risk because it allows me to travel and I really feel like I have found my long term passion. 

I think it’s great that people are understanding more about the space because outsiders can be judgemental about web3 especially with the recent news. However, the news doesn’t cover everything! There are so many positive activities in the space to consider.

What is your next project and how have you developed a dedicated audience who are interested in investing in your project?

Currently I’m working on an On Chain project which refers to the strongest way of storing the art on the blockchain which makes it feel like you’re really leaving a legacy behind. The theme centres around Irish heritage and will be ready within the next month –  I’ve been working on it for the past year because it is the biggest investment I’ve ever had to put upfront in any business. 

I’m also working on a painting for an African elephant sanctuary, my paintings are rooted in the inspiration animals bring me, specifically horses and elephants. I love using web3 to help different charities, I’ve also worked on ones for breast cancer and the Ukraine crisis. 

I’m also working with crypto schools and representing them at NFT Lisbon, NFT NYC and I’m actually moving to Portugal this week! 

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