Brand deals are arguably the best way to make money as a creator. Where Creator Programmes pay around $3000 for 30 million views, it makes more sense to leverage your audience power with brand deals that pay between £1000 and £10,000 for a post or piece of content. 

Where some outreach is organic and it’s always a nice surprise to find an exciting email in your inbox, the best way to maximise monetisation chances to reach out to brands yourself. 

Sending a media kit is a great way to showcase your value to a company. In a nutshell, your media kit should encompass the following:

  • An about you page
  • Audience metrics, (follower demographics, average Reel views
  • A list of advertisers the influencer has worked with
  • Past campaign case studies
  • Pay rates
  • Contact information

Let’s break down a simple structure you can apply to any media deck which is great way to start reaching out to brands and getting them familiar with what you offer. 

Page 1: Brand Info
This page is simple. It should showcase what you’ve done, what it costs and how many people you can reach. I suggest breaking it down into the following:
E.g: Hello Fresh, Duolingo, H&M etc..

Following and Engagement Stats

£100 – £1000 per post or Reel. Flexible depending on budget and content

IG: @yourhandle
Phone: +44 0000000000

Page 2: Artist Bio
Use this page to describe who you are, what you do and what you stand for. It could also be worth adding some extra stats such as the following;
+100 daily visits
+100K daily impressions
58% women
+5K engagement

Page 3: Rate Card
List the prices for different types of content from Instagram Stories, Post and Reels to YouTube mentions and TikTok videos. 

Be sure to showcase your personality via great pictures and a strong colour palette. 

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