With Twitter experiencing a lot of controversy and changes, new and emerging platforms like Spill, Spoutible, and BlackTwitterApp.com are vying for the attention of Twitter’s users and niche cultural communities.

While it is unclear whether these platforms will gain steam among marketers, some users of color have been pushed away from the platform due to Elon Musk’s push to reinstate banned accounts, the verification overhaul, and an uptick in hate speech.

Although Twitter has seen an increase in users under Musk’s reign, new social media platforms have been created by or centered around the voices of people of color, including BlackTwitterApp.com, Spoutible, and Spill.

While these platforms perhaps share similarities to Black Twitter’s multicultural communities, agency executives say there’s not much draw yet to these platforms as go-to places to observe cultural moments because they’ve yet to scale and reach mass adoption, TikTok has grown to serve as an alternative cultural social media hub, and Twitter, thus Black Twitter, hasn’t seen its final days just yet.

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