Marketers express lukewarm reception to Meta’s Twitter clone

According to Adweek, marketers are not very excited about Meta (formerly known as Facebook) building its own decentralized Twitter clone app.

They have concerns about how Meta will handle data, gain user adoption, and monetize the platform. The app, codenamed P92 or Barcelona, will be integrated with Instagram and Meta is looking for agency partners to approach celebrities and influencers for early access.

However, marketers are cautious and want to see user adoption before considering advertising on the platform. Twitter has faced challenges recently, with advertisers leaving due to brand safety concerns and users taking breaks from the app. Meta’s app will be interoperable with Mastodon, another Twitter competitor.

The company’s ad revenue has been affected by Apple’s ATT rollout, and its reputation for mishandling data is a concern for marketers. Despite this, the platform could attract ad dollars through various placements and influencer marketing.

Marketers hope to see something original rather than a clone of another app.

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