As younger generations move away from organised religion, we find ourselves looking for meaning in more worldly, open forms of spirituality. This has led to a growth in popularity of zodiac meanings, tarot cards and manifestation. 

A huge trend on TikTok, manifestation is one of the most popular hashtags with trending sounds tailored towards meditation focused on manifesting positive thoughts and desires. 

Manifestation was first popularised into the mainstream – at least in the modern western world – via books like The Secret written by Australian-born and based Rhonda Byrne and published in 2006. The Secret is a famous pseudo-science that states that the ‘secret’ to the universe and getting what you want is simply to ask the universe for it and already believe that you have all that you desire. Its tone is slightly dated, naturally, and some aspects have quite a ‘Molly Mae’- like effect stating that we all have the same 24 hours and that all our circumstances are adjustable via positive thinking alone which simply isn’t right. 

However, the core of the message is belief and that certainly motivates work. A more modern and nuanced approach to manifestation understands that positive thinking simply enhances focus. Sure, thinking about your dream house won’t make it appear out of thin air but manifesting it suggests that you truly believe it is yours in the near future and motivates you to keep this goal in the centre of your mind thus taking action and the necessary steps to realise this goal into your life – a well-paid job, promotions, savings account, deposit goal etc. 

Ultimately, positive thoughts lead to more positive thoughts. And the more positively you think the more you’ll establish a more positive mindset that will automatically look for the opportunities in any problem.However, positive thoughts encourage you to take action and to realise these thoughts into reality. 

Furthermore, thoughts are more powerful than we give them credit for. However large or insignificant it might all seem, at first, every little thing — every thought, idea, belief, or act — everything adds to or takes away from you. Pulls you up. Or pushes you down. Limits your possibilities or enhances them.

So overall, no, positive thinking isn’t a bunch of bull but it certainly isn’t the be all and end all. Manifestation and positive thinking are very important propellers of action, action which determines how and when your goals will realise into reality. 

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