Manchester based creative agency, Love, rebrands whimsical wine

Laithwaites targets 'wine nuts, not wine snobs

The home delivery UK wine company sees a new logo and illustrations which grace tickled pink packaging. 


The story of Laithwaites as a brand is a sort of modern legend. It started with a young Tony Laithwaites delivering wine in a van and with almost half a million subscribers built up over 50 years in the wine business, Laithwaites is recognised as one of the pioneers in direct-to-consumer wine retail.  


Its new brand promise? ‘Your compass to a world of wine adventure’. In a time where travel is restricted, Laithwaites rebranding tap into adventure and fun as a way to brand out into younger demographics. Its new packaging features line drawings of maps situating Laithwaites as a well travelled wine. 


The brand does not claim to be a snobby line of alcoholic beverages based on the Cote d’Azur. It is earthy and grounded, targeted to those who like a red with dinner or a rosé for a summer barbeque. Human and hand-crafted touches’ such as block printed type, iconography, handwriting, bright pink add the “whimsical” touch. The brands CEO David Gates states that “this rebrand is about doubling down on our reason for being and reiterating what we’ve been saying since the start. But in a bolder, more confident way”.


See the new branding on Laithwaites prints and digital platforms.

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