Maker’s Mark Bourbon modernise its iconic design

Maker’s Mark Bourbon modernise its iconic design

by Wishu
11 June 2021

Design studio, Turner Duckworth, take inspiration from the brand’s iconic red wax bottle top for Maker’s Mark new visual identity. 

Maker's Mark new branding

Maker’s Mark was founded in Kentucky in 1953 and its iconic red bottle top hasn’t changed since 1958. Turner Duckworth (based in London, San Fran and New York) has stayed true to the brand’s heritage in the handmade feel it brings to new brand identity. 

According to Creative Director Jared Britton, “setting our direction, we wanted to contemporise the identity in a way that felt reflective of the original source, and ultimately create a foundation for Maker’s to become a true global icon”. 

Like the boxes the bourbon comes in, Turner Duckworth has stuck to a red and cream theme, allowing for the iconic bottle to stand out centre stage. The studio also plays with texture and tangibility as the new visual identity features dripping wax – unique to the bourbon’s product identity and enhancing that handmade feel.  

For Rob Samuels, chief distillery officer at Maker’s Mark Distillery, this borubon is a part of his family – literally. He wanted to equally respect his grandfather for making the bourbon, but also his grandmother for designing the bottle and brand design in the 1950s. “She was the visionary behind our iconic label and logo, our bottle design, and of course, our red wax, and I think she would be proud to see how we’re bringing her eye for design forward in every aspect of our brand as we introduce Maker’s Mark to more whisky fans the world over.”

It was Margie Samuels who developed the brand’s distinctive character and Turner Duckworth has done a great job in continuing that legacy. 


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