Mailchimp is moving beyond email marketing

Mailchimp is well-known for email marketing, but the 21-year-old brand has recently appeared in a variety of unexpected places as it seeks to raise awareness of its offerings. The company spent early this year on a Super Bowl commercial and debuted a new campaign last month, which included an appearance at New York Fashion Week.

Mailchimp’s Fashion Week marketing included a collaboration with the Black in Fashion Council to create a showroom for five emerging Black designers to showcase a special capsule collection. Mailchimp intends to return to the event next year after that line sold out.

The Fashion Week appearance is part of a large global brand campaign that Mailchimp unveiled earlier in September. Called “Guess Less, Sell More,” the push was the first sizable campaign.

Marketers, even advanced marketers, often struggle to know what to do next or whether this or that thing will be the best way to reach a larger audience. The campaign is all about removing some of that uncertainty.

The company sponsored the ‘Serial’ podcast in 2014. The series focused on Adnan Syed’s true crime case. Following Syed’s release, Mailchimp contacted the New York Times, which now owns “Serial,” and arranged for its original 2014 Mailchimp ad to run alongside yesterday’s “Serial” episode, tweaked with a customer update.

Mailchimp is always looking for places that are culturally relevant, as well as places that are creatively rich, and that original podcast certainly fit the bill.

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