Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz, two New York–based entrepreneurs in their 30s, founded Magic Spoon in 2019, hoping to create a healthier cereal that still evoked the sugar-loaded Fruit Loops and Honey Nut Cheerios of their youth. The catch? Each box costs $39…

The pricey cereal gained traction with enough customers to woo capital—celebrities including Nick Jonas, Shakira and Amy Schumer were early Magic Spoon investors, and last year the company raised an $85 million Series B round, led by HighPost Capital.

Now Lewis and Sewitz are a year into an expansion to IRL retail sales, having landed on the Kellogg’s-dominated shelves of Target, Walmart and Kroger. The latest in their ventures is Pop Up Grocer. Lewis and Sewitz see the hypercurated Pop Up Grocer “more as marketing or PR than retail,” Lewis said to The Information, while the big-box stores are “less about discovery and more to actually sell food.”

Co-Founders Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis with a display of cereal boxes in Magic Spoon’s New York City office.

Some of the other cereals on the Pop Up Grocer shelves seemed to offer the same promise as their brand Magic Spoon: healthier and tastier alternatives to the classics. Lewis and Sewitz aren’t concerned about the similarities, seeing themselves as too small and inactive competition-wise, according to Lewis’s words to The Information. Outside the cereal category, the duo either advises, invests in or serves on the boards of a dozen direct-to-consumer food startups, including ramen brand Immi and Behave Candy, both of which Pop Up Grocer also stocks. 

Magic Spoon, founded in 2019, now boasts 60 employees and a colourful new headquarters in a 15-story office building in SoHo. Sewitz is in charge of operations and finance, making the cereals, coming up with new flavours and visiting factories across the country. Lewis runs sales and marketing, spearheading the brand’s active social strategy.

The duo are, in turn, paving a new avenue in the world of cereal. A more accurate comparison to Magic Spoon would not be Rice Krispies but instead a $12 green juice.

Photographs by Lisa Corson for The Information.

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