What are our priorities for the year 2021 ahead? 

What shall we keep at the forefront of our intentions in order to get through this exhausting and unmotivated first half of the year?

How (seriously, though, HOW) can we stay optimistic as creatives? 

The Future Is Color –
Katrina Navasca
  1. Storytelling
    Understandably, 2020 meant we often needed to resort to nostalgia. We watched reruns of Friends as we scrolled through our photo archive looking for memories from 2019 and earlier. Storytelling has been a technology that enables us to imagine new and better versions of the world. However, as we push through this next year, let’s not default to dystopian narratives or nostalgia, but use our creative vision to imagine what the world could be if we could solve some of our problems without creating new ones. This will make for unique and thought-provoking content. Channel your inner Charlie Brooker!
  2. Set up some Psychological Safety
    Whether in the form of meditation, exercise, therapy sessions on Zoom or a group chat of close friends, create a safe mental environment for yourself. The world is ironically so fast-paced yet so banal that the need for grounding and guidance has never been more crucial for creativity. 
  3. Establish Self-Reliance
    Rather than relying on clients only as a form of income, start to collaborate and set up smart partnerships and nurtured communities. This could be in the form of a podcast, merchandise or webinar series. 
  4. Push for your Uniqueness
    So many brands and Instagrams look the same right now but by the end of 2021 that could all change and 2020 aesthetics and styles most likely will feel outdated. Don’t go with the flow – challenge it! Push for the web design you want and if you’re an artist be careful with what you compromise for when it comes to brand identity. 

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