Ironically, would a retro-prospective rebranding be more likely to attract younger consumers? 

Fox’s Glacier mints rebrand

Designed by London-based studio Derek & Eric, the iconic British glacier mint – developed in 1918 – the company has taken on a minimalist and forward-facing polar bear as well as new wrappers for the individual sweets.

The brand’s mascot – Peppy the polar bear – was introduced back in the 1920s when Fox’s even commissioned a taxidermist to shoot and stuff a real polar bear which was used for promotion.

Fox’s Glacier mints rebrand

Derek & Eric co-founder Adam Swan notes that retro-prospective rebranding aims to attract younger clients as hard-boiled sweets are a declining category in comparison to softer sweets such as Haribo. 

With a new design comes a new slogan; ‘100 years of taking it slow’ sits at the top of the redesigned pack. The aim is to stand out in a world where we are constantly busy. Fox’s hope that consumers will put their phone down, sit back and relax with a long sweet. 

The mood continues with the mascot as Peppy is painted as a lethargic, laid back bear. Previously three-dimensional, Peppy now appears as a more “modern-styled, flattened” graphic, Swan says.

Fox’s Glacier mints rebrand - graphics

In line with bringing back the past, the brand has also revived a slogan from the brand’s history, ‘Beware of imitations’, now appears on the logo lock-up. In a world with so much creation and competition, the return of this slogan feels fresh and fun – mimicking ‘beware of the polar bear’ but also warning users to beware of imitators of the brand. 

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