Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel hacked: How it happened and lessons learned

YouTube sensation Linus ‘Linus Tech Tips’ Sebastian recently faced a setback when his YouTube channels were hacked and deleted. The Canadian tech guru, who is known for his expertise in PC content, shared details of the hack and how his team managed to regain control of the channels.

According to Linus, the hackers did not go after his passwords directly but rather targeted his browser profile, making it harder to combat. A team member had inadvertently downloaded what appeared to be a legitimate sponsorship offer, which unleashed malware and accessed all user data from both their installed browsers, Chrome and Edge. This gave the hackers access to locally saved passwords, cookies, and browser preferences, effectively copying the browsers on the target machine.

Linus admitted that the hack could have been easily avoided had better processes been in place, and he urged Google to improve communication and security options around these issues. He also highlighted the need to improve their disaster response processes, as it took longer than expected to fix things due to how roles are distributed for his channels.

While cryptocurrency scam streams had replaced the channels’ content, Linus was able to wrestle back control and restore the channels to their original state. The hack serves as a reminder to individuals and companies to be vigilant against such attacks, especially those involving seemingly legitimate emails or offers.

Linus Tech Tips has been a leading YouTube channel for tech enthusiasts worldwide, and this setback is a reminder that even the most tech-savvy individuals can fall prey to cyber threats. It is essential to stay informed, updated and take the necessary measures to prevent such attacks. With the channels restored, Linus Tech Tips will continue to provide its audience with quality PC content.

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