First things first, what is Linktree, you ask? Essentially, Linktree is a social media reference landing page which allows you to share multiple links on social media. The platform creates a simple landing page that hosts multiple links. You pop the link to this landing page in your Instagram bio, in order to drive traffic to specific areas of your site. You can embed links to your social media channels, including TikTok, YouTube and Clubhouse Rooms.

Linktree is very popular with multidisciplinary artists or artists whose work is featured on or accessible via multiple platforms. For example, a music artist may have a Linktree link in their bio which leads followers to their Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Website and any new and exciting publication features. A digital artist’s Linktree will offer URLs to their website, NFT marketplace, Twitter, among other links. 

How many links should I have?

Great question. You don’t want to overwhelm followers and people interested but instead provide 4-6 options that offer different ‘cultures’ as such of your brand. For example, your website exudes a different culture and has a different purpose than your LinkedIn or The Dots page. Here’s the thing: the science of marketing looks at buying psychology, and—by default—what gets your reader to take the desired action. While it’s SO natural to think you’re spoiling your dear reader with a bevy of choices, ways to engage, and new information (Follow me here! Subscribe for more tips! Here are 3 current promos! Check out my free audit page! Get your ebook!), the whole point of a CTA button is to give your visitors a single action to take. It’s paramount to give your readers a single, certain path to follow towards a conversion … otherwise, we risk losing them in transit. 

How to make it enticing

Alongside keeping it simple, including attention-getting, emotion-triggering copy keywords like “get” (actually a really good one), “my,” “free,” “instant,” “today,” and “now” will always encourage more clicks. In terms of aesthetics, your Linktree or landing page call-to-action text needs to be clear—not clever. Watch your digital habits, and notice how many times you appreciate when a button is clear as a bell: Start My Free Trial, Get My Download Now, Search Notes. 

At the end of the day, Linktree is a great way to convert clients from your Instagram page to generating actual business. 

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