Linktree, the popular link-in-bio company, has introduced a new feature that allows creators to integrate their Threads account into their profile. This means users can now add a link to their Threads profile on their Linktree and showcase some of their posts. For free users, they have the option to manually select which posts they want to embed on their pages.

However, Linktree Pro users will soon enjoy an automatic embed that fetches their latest Threads posts. The move comes at a crucial time, as Twitter has been undergoing a rebranding process, becoming “X.” With this change in the social media landscape, platforms like Linktree become even more important for creators to maintain their audience across various networks.

By integrating Threads directly into their Linktree profiles, creators can keep their audience engaged seamlessly. Linktree’s decision to add Threads integration comes as Meta-owned apps, like Threads, have experienced a surge in users, amassing over 100 million users in just a few days. Though user numbers for Threads have dipped slightly after the initial surge, the app still boasts a significant weekly user base, about one-fifth of Twitter’s.

Notably, this announcement follows Mark Zuckerberg’s recent news that Threads is rolling out a following feed. Linktree has been actively collaborating with other platforms to expand its reach. In a previous partnership with Snap, the company allowed all creators on Snapchat to integrate a Linktree link on their profiles, not just exclusive to Snap Stars and Brands. Additionally, they offered three months of Linktree Pro to all Snapchat users.

Linktree’s new Threads integration is a valuable tool for creators looking to connect with their audience and maintain their online presence effectively. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, having a platform that aggregates important links and content becomes increasingly crucial for content creators.

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