The world of fashion illustration with Rebecca Feneley

The world of fashion illustration with Rebecca Feneley

by Wishu
13 February 2021
In this webinar Rebecca will discuss her experiences with fashion and beauty illustration, working freelance, building a portfolio, working with brands and more. Rebecca’s talk will start with a brief introduction to her work, education and career, and will move onto discussing her work with both project briefs and live illustration. She will touch on arts education (Do you need one?) to moving into freelancing.
Rebecca will discuss what makes a good portfolio, how to build your own and where to best display and promote this to gain work. Rebecca will also discuss the age old ‘illustration style’ debate, on finding a style, working in different styles and whether or not a set style is important.
Then moving onto to discuss networking, social media, branding and content creation, and how these tie in and aid one another. Rebecca will discuss how to make the best use of your social media, connections and followers to promote yourself, sell work, land jobs and connect with an audience.
Finally Rebecca will discuss working with brands, finding your sector of work (either project or live) and how to land big (and small!) jobs
Rebecca is a freelance fashion illustrator and artist based in the North of England. After graduating from Leeds College of Art Rebecca now works freelance specialising in fashion, beauty and product illustration with a portfolio also including realist portraiture and fantasy art.
Rebecca also works live as an events illustrator creating real-time artwork as mementos for guests, product customisation, workshop tutorials and live art demos. Working both traditionally and digitally, Rebecca’s work spans from striking and simple line work to fantasically bold & bright colour renderings.
Clients include: Dior, Acqua di Parma and L’Oreal Paris and many others.
Website  – Instagram: @rebeccafeneley

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