Leomon8 hype: what marketers need to know

Lemon8 is described as a “content sharing platform for a youthful community” and has features of both Instagram and Pinterest. The app seems to have the same algorithm as TikTok and is putting creators first.

Key features of Lemon8:

  • Features beautiful, authentic, and diverse content.
  • Combines features of Instagram and Pinterest. Polished photos and product focus from Instagram. Categorization and lifestyle topics from Pinterest.
  • Algorithm similar to TikTok’s recommendation engine.

Creator content and monetization:

  • Creators are currently heavily featured on Lemon8.
  • There is no clear way for creators to monetize their content on the app, which may deter larger influencers from using it.
  • The lack of a creator commercial plan is surprising, given that the app has been operating since March 2020.

Marketer interest and adoption:

  • Marketers are interested in Lemon8 and need more information before investing resources.
  • Lemon8 has had 6.3 million downloads worldwide in the past six months. The app has had over 256K downloads since its US soft launch in February. 
  • Advertisers are exploring the platform, and few brands have taken action yet.

    Marketing opportunities and challenges:

    • Lemon8’s links to ByteDance and TikTok have caused hesitation among some marketers.
    • Marketers are looking for the next emerging platform to fulfil clients’ goals within their roster.
    • The lack of a clear monetization plan for creators is a concern.
    • The oversaturation of influencers on the app may make it difficult for brands to stand out.

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