L(EGO)GBTQ+ : LEGO celebrates queer diversity

L(EGO)GBTQ+ : LEGO celebrates queer diversity

by Wishu
25 May 2021
With its latest series entitled ‘Everyone is Awesome’, LEGO wants to celebrate the beauty of diversity in “the world around us” specifically for Pride Month. 
The series features 11 monochromatic figures each in one of the shades of the iconically important LGBTQ+ flag including the black and brown shades which are all too often neglected in modern media.
Interestingly, the series was designed by set designer and film producer Matthew Ashton who worked on all the lego movies. He beautifully stated; “Growing up as an LGBTQ+ kid – being told what I should play with, how I should walk, how I should talk, what I should wear – the message I always got was that somehow I was ‘wrong’… I wish I’d seen an inclusive statement that said ‘everyone is awesome’.”
Ashton’s goal was to create a model that symbolises inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love. 
The series name is a play on words of the infamous lead song from the LEGO movies “Everything is Awesome” which was a viral sensation having received over 70 million views on YouTube. 
The series is available to purchase for £30.99 from 1 June on LEGO.com and in LEGO stores. 


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