Lego X Yinka Ilori: The Launderette of Dreams

British-Nigerian artist Yinka Ilori has collaborated with Lego to bring us a Lego launderette in his signature bold style. 

The collaboration falls under Lego’s Rebuild the World campaign which launched in 2019 and marked Lego’s first brand campaign in three decades. 

If you’re not familiar with Illori’s work, a first glance at this laundrette is psychedelic; the best parts of Squid Game (in regards to surreal shapes and structures) meets a Nigerian inspired colour palette. Illori has stated that is inspired by the creative optimism of children.

The installation draws on the artist’s childhood memories of visiting the local launderette on Essex Road, north London, with his family. The project also received help from a group of current students from his former school, St Jude & St Paul’s C of E Primary School where on a visit to a local launderette, Yinka asked the students how they would rebuild the space for the better and bring people in the community together. Their playful ideas shaped the transformation of elements typically found in a launderette from the banal to the fantastical.

The installation features a number of interactive experiences, including a giant mural wall that can be built, unbuilt and rebuilt by visitors, kaleidoscope laundry drums and vending machines that dispense Lego toys instead of soap. All of these experiences aim to demonstrate how children use play and creative problem-solving skills to turn everyday experiences into adventures.

You can visit the Laundrette of Dreams from October 28 – November 6 at 133-135 Bethnal Green Road.

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