Benefits of hiring creative freelancers for creative companies and agencies

Freelance work isn’t going away any time soon thanks to the pandemic’s effect on the way we work. In fact, a survey involving 500 business owners and 1000 freelancers found that 65% of freelancers said they expect their earnings to increase in 2021 and 40% felt the climate was right to increase their rates. As clients and creative agencies, it’s worth considering the true value of freelancers to know what we should be looking for in order to maximise hiring freelancers to the best of our capacity. 

They have fresh and diverse ideas

Freelancers naturally won’t know your brand as well as you do. In a way, they have the eyes of a consumer and thus spot things that a consumer may desire or dislike. Freelancers may lead to new ideas and concepts, exposure to different methods and technologies, and new ways of working to best promote your brand to your target audience.

They’re efficient/job gets done faster

Hiring freelancers means you don’t have to know where the gaps in your team will be ahead of time, you can simply hire the right skills at the right time and on an adhoc basis. 

Hiring is faster

Permanent employees require long contracts, training days and many other processes that HR specialise in. Since you can hire freelancers on a project by project basis, skill sets and role requirements are far easier to define and therefore make finding the right candidate much less time-consuming.

They’re specialist so you get more quality for your buck

The beauty of freelancers is their niche. They literally specialise in one thing very, very well. They’ve likely tried and tested everything under the sun, probably for your competitors, so they know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. They’re also always looking for repeat business and to keep a good relationship with existing clients. So since they’re not permanently on your payroll, they’ll strive to produce their best work, every time. 

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