A Google document has been leaked. The spreadsheet, shared among Google employees, includes salary data for more than 12,000 US-based employees in 2022 and covers a range of roles, including software engineers and business analysts. The document, obtained by Business Insider, also includes data on equity and bonuses, which can significantly boost an employee’s total compensation.

Here’s the tea. ☕️

As expected, employees who had been at the company longer and worked at a higher level tend to have higher salaries. For example, a level 7 employee who made $718,000 in base salary is registered in the data as the highest-paid software engineer. While this number sits above the 500k mark, most software engineers on the sheet reported making from $100,000 to $375,000.

Just under Software Engineer as the best paid role in the company sits Engineering Manager with a highest paid salary of $400,000 a year just above Enterprise Direct Sales with a similar maximum salary of $377,000. 

The highest bonus of the year was also awarded to software engineering at a whopping $605,000 (almost the same as the salary itself). 

The lowest paid base salary, according to the document, goes to silicone engineering at $233,000. 

“We provide top-of-market compensation to our workforce, across salary, equity, leave, and a suite of benefits,” Tamani Jayasinghe, a Google spokesperson, said in a statement.

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